Custom Hard Window Treatments

Custom hard window treatments
Elegant Window Treatments

Sweet Pea's Shutters

The luxurious Sussex® is nothing short of exquisite. Masterfully crafted from premium wood, Sussex Shutters are designed to beautifully complement any window in the most distinguished style.
Teak Wood Shutters

Teak Wood Shutters

Normandy’s wood grain characteristics are exceptional. With stain, the distinctive wood grain has an enhanced color, depth and character with the inherent texture of the timber. What ever your personal style – warm and rustic, or sleek and refined, you are sure to find the perfect match for your decor.
Composite Wood Shutters

Composite Wood Shutters

Sweet Pea’s also sells a composite material shutter that is available in a variety of louver sizes.  The shutters feature smooth operation and are available with or without tilt bars.
Beautiful wood blinds

Wood Blinds

Collections of wood and wood alloys populate our Wood Blind section. Sweet Pea’s has natural woods and strong, beautiful faux woods. Our blinds are long-lasting and gorgeous.
Beautiful Woven Woods

Woven Woods

Sweet Pea’s Woven Woods bring the beauty of the outdoors in for that organic feel.
Beautiful Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades

With its double honeycomb design, Symphony helps to insulate your home against drafts and air leaks. The non-woven polyester fabric blocks nearly 100% of UV rays as it transforms the glaring sun into gentle light. Symphony has the largest selection of colors and patterns and can be crafted into several specialty sizes and shapes.

Many hard window treatments are available from Sweet Pea's

Shutters Wood Blinds • Woven Woods Cellular Shades • Sheer Horizontal Shadings

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