Curvy Back Sectional

Some pieces of furniture in our homes get loved to death. While it’s still comfortable, it might start to look shabby. This well-worn curvy back sectional is an example of one of those beloved, comfy pieces of furniture that are ready for an update.

Curves are tricky for slipcovers because I want the fabric to lay flat. One thing I always do is spend a lot of time measuring every piece to make sure once the slipcover is put on, the piece looks like new. This client chose a fun fabric to breathe new life into this well-loved sectional.

Don’t get rid of your favorite pieces!

If you purchase good furniture and love it to death, that’s OK. You can keep the pieces and update the fabric when it’s worn out. Or maybe you just want to refresh the look with one of my custom “fit like a glove” slipcovers. Either way, contact me today to see what I can do to bring new life to your favorite furniture pieces!


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