Sweet Pea’s is the Sectional Specialist.

Vicki of Sweet Pea’s is the Sectional Specialist, you might even call her the Sectional Queen!

Everyone loves sectionals, they are very versatile and give home owners lots of seating options for families and guest.  Furthermore, maybe your sectional is starting to look a little outdated and you don’t wont to spend thousands of dollars to replace it.

Now is the time to call Vicki at Sweet Pea’s Custom Slipcovers and Window Treatments a call to renew your sectional or other worn furniture.

Vicki has worked with countless numbers of different kinds of sectionals and knows all the ins and outs of working on all of them.  What gives Vicki the edge is her attention to detail and her quality craftsmanship. She uses her talent on every project to make those sectionals and other projects look brand new again.  Most of the time Vicki’s final work looks better than new, It’s just amazing to see!

And, to further explain, It doesn’t matter what kind of project furniture she is working on, her work always shines because of her attention to all the fine details.

Do you have furniture in your house that could use some of Vicki’s Sweet Pea magic?

Perhaps a sleeper sofa, a multi piece sectional, or a asymmetrical piece of furniture that can all get a new life from Vicki at Sweet Pea’s. Looking around your home you may see a piece that you have always loved but it just looks too dated. Contact Vicki so she can get started and work her magic on your beloved furniture and save you the costly expense of replacing that older furniture.

In conclusion, Sweet Pea’s motto is “Bring it on” it’s no problem for the Pea!


Contact Vicki at Sweet Pea’s for a quote on your project.  Click here.

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Sectional Specialist  •  Sweet Pea’s Custom Slipcovers and Window Treatments

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