Reupholstered or Slipcover?  That’s one of the big questions for 2018 😂.  Choosing whether to reupholster or slipcover a piece of furniture depends on many different factors.  In the example of the Tuffet, applying a slipcover would hide the intricate word carvings on the Tuffet. The Tuffet was reupholstered by Sweet Peas so that the carvings in the wood are still visible. The green leaf pattern is the before photo of the Tuffet, (see photo below, left top) The blue photo is the Tuffet after it was reupholstered (see photo below, right top).

In the case of the Ottoman, It was decided that this piece was to be slipcovered. One of the benefits of slipcovering is making the cleaning of the material much easier then an upholstered piece.  The green pattern is the before photo of the Ottoman, (see photo below, left bottom) the blue photo is the after shot (see photo below, right bottom)..  The Ottoman was slipcovered by Sweet Peas.
Stay tuned for more reasons to slipcover or reupholster your furniture by Sweet Pea’s.

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