Valance update:
Sweet Pea’s Slipcovers and Window Treatments makes a a wide selection of custom window treatments including beautiful valances.  See the  imperial valance featured above in the photograph.
Because the Imperial valance is made up of flat curves it is usually centered by a pelmet and then framed by stacked jabots. The imperial valance is considered a traditional valance.  The Imperial valance can beautifully adorn most windows sizes, both small and big.

What is a valance?  According to Wikipedia:

Swags of window valances

Also, window valances are sometimes called window top treatments. The earliest recorded history of interior design is rooted in the renaissance Era, a time of great change and rebirth in the world of art and architecture, and much of this time saw understated, simple treatments, eventually moving towards more elaborate fabrics of multiple layers of treatments, including, towards the end of this period, valances, swags, jabots, and pelmets. By the Baroque and early Georgian period, elaborate and theatrical treatments placed high emphasis on the cornice and pelmet.  This was a way to finish off the top of a window treatment.

Furthermore, valances can be used alone

But are often hung over windows where curtains and drapes have been installed to better frame the windows. Many times they’re installed over kitchen sinks or in other areas where floor space may be limited or blocked.  They can be used to hide architectural flaws and windows placed at different heights; when using blinds, shades, and shutters, valances are often used to soften the windows or to tie in the fabrics of corresponding furniture such as couches and recliners.

Valances can be manufactured with any type of fabric

But most valances are made of jacquard, silk, faux silk, poly/cotton, linen, satin, velvet and polyester. Many are lined with an extra piece of fabric sewn on the back to prevent the solar radiation from damaging the fabric.


Want to get custom Window Treatments like this custom valance for your home?

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