Extremely Pleased Customer

Ten years ago, I made drapes and kitchen window treatments for this client. Last fall, she called me for another project in her new home – slipcovers, this time. I made her my “fit like a glove” slipcovers and installed them. When I finished, she let me take a video of the “reveal” of the work I did in her home office.


Check out her reaction in the video below.

I love having an extremely pleased customer!

One of the services I offer is onsite consultation. Some vendors make you do the measurements and just guess at the rest. As a professional, I spend the time needed with you to figure out exactly what makes the best sense your space. I also offer you lots of fabric choices appropriate for your project, just like I did for this home office.

Do you want to work with a professional?
Then let’s work together on YOUR next slipcover project!
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