Elegant Look with Flat Valances

An Elegant Look with a Flat Valances is obtainable with the help from Sweet Pea’s Custom Window Treatments. A flat shaped valance covers the uppermost part of the window.  It can hang by itself or hang in front of blinds or curtains to frame the window.  These window treatments are great for concealing drapery hardware. They can use fabrics found on the furniture in the room, such as recliners or couches.  Also, they are really great for using where floor space is limited, for instance, above kitchen sinks.  The flat valances can be mounted on a board and made into a variety of straight or curved shapes. They can also include micro-cording or banding to kick up the elegant look of the window treatment.

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Elegant Look with Flat Valances  •  Sweet Pea’s Custom Window Treatments

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