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The owner of the Heather Mist recently brought me his boat cushions for updating. As always, I match the slipcover fabric to the type of use it will get. In this case, I used a top-quality marine-friendly fabric to make these slipcovers.  I had to strike a balance when replacing the foam to choose one that was firm enough for seating and yet still comfortable while sleeping. I used a very “soft to the touch” yet durable Naugahyde vinyl in Blue Fog for the new covers.

Check out the before and after pictures as well as one shot of the installation. (It’s a tight fit installing these sometimes!)


It was a beautiful day for taking the cushions to the shore to put them back into the boat. It’s always such a joy to see my “Fit Like a Glove” slipcovers where they belong, in this case, in the boat. Here’s what my client had to say about them after he saw the installation:

“The cushions are awesome! Fished on Monday and the whole crew is in love with them! They are perfect – foam type, color, everything about them. Can’t wait to see the rest!”
~ Dimitry, Stone Harbor, NJ

If you didn’t know it, now you do. I work with boat owners to sew custom slipcovers for their cushions.

If you need your cushions refreshed and updated, give me a call. I’m happy to help!


Let’s work together on YOUR next boat cushion project!

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